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Does your carpet look wrinkled or loose? If so then you may need to get your carpet stretched. Poor installation, heavy traffic, sliding of heavy furniture and improper padding can be some of the reasons why your carpet wrinkles. This happens more often in high traffic areas and once the carpet starts to wrinkle it will begin to wear quickly. The longer you leave the carpet rippled the harder it is to fix the problem area. This is due to your carpet separating from the base, this is called delamination. Delamination happens when the latex holding the backing of the carpet deteriorates, if it is not securely attached it causes the carpet to separate. The Carpet will have to be replaced once this happens. It’s better to get your carpet stretching done when you see any signs of carpet wrinkling.

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Now that we are finished with winter and are rolling into spring we have accumulated so much dirt throughout the weeks and our carpets are probably not looking their best right now. Having a clean carpet can be extremely beneficial towards your health. One common health risk for unclean carpet would be the Norovirus, it survives in our carpets for up to a month causing flu like systems, along with many other germs and bacteria that has been transferred to your carpet due to poor maintenance. No one wants to get sick from their own home so keep your loved ones safe with a good carpet maintenance especially if we have pets and small children. Improve your health, appearance of your home and extend the life of your carpet with a good carpet steam clean.

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The majority of American’s have carpet in their homes.  The key question is: How often do you clean it? Carpet is an important factor to any home and it’s a major contributor to your home’s air quality.  Carpet acts almost like a giant air filter to the home.  You always want to vacuum once a week and time is always a issue so at least remember to vacuum those high traffic areas.  Those areas take the worst beating and have the majority of the bacteria and dirt.

Carpet will actually store allergens and this will release into the air.  This is a contributing factor to allergies and asthma that develop throughout the house hold.    Another reason to hire a profession carpet cleaner like Baum Cleaning is to ensure those high traffic areas get deep cleaned so that all those bacteria and allergens are removed.

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Here’s some tips of things to do before your professional cleaner arrives.
1)  Vacuum.   This will remove the surface dirt and will help ensure a better deep cleaning.
2)  Move all your fragile items.  You want to make sure your cleaner can move around and do an effective cleaning without damaging any of your items.
3)  Pick up clutter or toys etc.
4)  Move furniture that may be in the way.
5)  Make sure you have a close parking spot so that your cleaners can run their equipment into your home.
6) Always remember to let your cleaner know the spots you are most concerned about.
We hope this helps and give us a call if you need any professional cleaning!

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Cleaning Tips: Why Should I Hire A Professional Upholstery Cleaner?

Even after giving your home a thorough cleaning, your carpets may not look or smell like new. This is because vacuuming alone isn’t good enough. Dirt and hair are usually ground so deeply into the carper fibers, that even the most powerful vacuum can’t clean them properly. There are also harmful germs, bacteria, and allergens lurking deep in the fibers as well.

A deep-cleaning with detergent and water will wash carper fibers, thus removing all the grime and leaving your home more hygienic, and carpets looking like new. A thorough cleaning should be done at least once-a-year, how if you have pets or young children, you may want to consider more regular carpet and upholstery cleaning.

So what exactly are your options? A professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service is one option, while renting a cleaning machine for a DIY job is another.

Hiring a Professional is ConvenientBoyMom

A professional carper cleaner can usually arrive on a day that is convenient for you. If you have a busy schedule, there’s no need to change your plans. A professional cleaner can clean all of your rooms at once, getting the job done in one day. You can find professional cleaners advertising just about everywhere, from flyers, the yellow pages, and the internet.

A Professional Cleaner Takes Away The Worry.

Professional cleaners have all the right equipment and experience in dealing with a variety of issues. This means that you don’t have to worry about how to get rid of particularly troublesome stains. This frees you up to other things, while the professionals get to work. Most carpet cleaners can also use environmentally friendly cleaning products at your request.

Your carpet cleaning representative should be able to advise you on all the options, including detergents, and cleaning agents. Today’s professional cleaning equipment is light-weight and compact, which means quick and speedy service in most cases. Most carper cleaners use machinery that evenly extracts the water as they clean, leaving carpets very nearly dry.


Most professional carpet cleaners are paid by the room. If cost is something you are considering, be very specific about the size of each room, so that you can get the most accurate estimate possible. You may even request that additional carpets and upholstery be cleaned as well. Think about it. There’s no reason to just clean your carper, while allergens and grime are hiding out in your carpet, mattresses, and furnishings.

Hiring a professional to the job, assures that entire home is clean as possible. A professional carpet cleaner will have just the right kind of equipment and tools to clean the floors, throw rugs, curtains, and furnishings.

They should also have a variety of stain removal products on hand. This means that a cleaning regimen tailored to different types stains, can mean stubborn marks on your carpets are removed instantly. You certainly couldn’t do all that work by yourself!

What about cost?

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner can indeed cost a little more than doing the job yourself. However there are some things to consider, if you rent a machine yourself you will have only about 24-hrs of rental time. If you go over that time, then you may end up paying late fees and penalties. You will also have to pay for any cleaning solution and other tools you may need to do the job right.

Remember, that no matter how clean your carpets look on the surface, there is more than likely grime beneath the surface. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is the easiest and most convenient way to have clean carpets and upholstery.

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Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Carpet Cleaner

Carpeting is one of the most popular choices for flooring and for a good reason. It is easy on the feet, looks great, and is inexpensive compared to other types of hard flooring. However, due to it’s fabric components, carpet will get dirty after it is used enough. Over many months of daily abuse from the family simply walking across the carpet it can become stained and look no where near as bright as it once had. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner can take care of this problem in a very quick fashion. They have the equipment and the expertise needed in order to clean any carpet for a reasonable price as well.A professional carpet cleaning service has the powerful steam cleaning abilities that are needed to tackle the messiest of carpets. Whether it is a stain from wine or a stain from a household pet that won’t come off in a conventional way, the professionals will be able to handle it. First by using expert quality vacuums that will make sure that all loose debris is gone before other equipment comes in. Then they can use stain removal chemicals that will get the real tough spots out of the carpet. Combine this with steam powered equipment that will loosen the stains off the carpet and take it right off.

Having the cleanest carpet in town is as easy as talking to the nearest professional carpet cleaner and using their services. It will save time and money due to the fact that this cleaning equipment can be expensive and even at a rental price it will not be cheaper than just using the professionals. Plus their expert level skills will get every last stain gone in just a fraction of the time. Enjoy the flooring in the home by using a professional carpet cleaner like Baum Carpet Cleaning.

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