Carpet Cleaning Prairie Village KS

The majority of American’s have carpet in their homes.  The key question is: How often do you clean it? Carpet is an important factor to any home and it’s a major contributor to your home’s air quality.  Carpet acts almost like a giant air filter to the home.  You always want to vacuum once a week and time is always a issue so at least remember to vacuum those high traffic areas.  Those areas take the worst beating and have the majority of the bacteria and dirt.

Carpet will actually store allergens and this will release into the air.  This is a contributing factor to allergies and asthma that develop throughout the house hold.    Another reason to hire a profession carpet cleaner like Baum Cleaning is to ensure those high traffic areas get deep cleaned so that all those bacteria and allergens are removed.

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Here’s some tips of things to do before your professional cleaner arrives.
1)  Vacuum.   This will remove the surface dirt and will help ensure a better deep cleaning.
2)  Move all your fragile items.  You want to make sure your cleaner can move around and do an effective cleaning without damaging any of your items.
3)  Pick up clutter or toys etc.
4)  Move furniture that may be in the way.
5)  Make sure you have a close parking spot so that your cleaners can run their equipment into your home.
6) Always remember to let your cleaner know the spots you are most concerned about.
We hope this helps and give us a call if you need any professional cleaning!