Commercial Carpet Cleaning Kansas City

CommercialCarpet-300x205In today’s competitive climate, commercial property owners and managers are looking for ways to reduce overhead, improve operations and attain higher profits.

Imagine a reliable cleaning company that can implement scheduled cleaning and maintenance without headaches and high costs. Baum Cleaning Systems specializes in keeping your facility spotless with exceptional carpet and hard surface cleaning.

The equipment we use is referred to as a truck mounted mobile cleaning unit. Acknowledged throughout our industry and also by Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, as the most thorough system available, providing the highest capability of cleaning possible.

Our equipment uses heated water. This extra temperature is essential for the removal of stains and heavily soiled traffic areas. In addition to our  heat, the vacuum power is nothing short of spectacular. This increased vacuum power ensures a very fast drying time and further ensures that no chemical residue is ever left behind causing carpets to re-soil. Our system cleans deeper, dry faster and prolong the duration between cleanings better than any other system in the area.

In some facilities, regulations are in place that prohibit the use of truck mounted equipment due to security reasons or hours of operation. In this situation we can use the encapsulation cleaning method or  utilize several portable units when necessary. We can also implement scheduled cleaning and maintenance with these options.