Stain Identification

CoffeeCarpetWe will do everything possible to remove your stain but some stains cannot be removed. *See explanation below.

Can you get out ___________?

We can remove any spot that is not a permanent stain. But there are conditions that permanent stains present.

(% of chance for removal)

Yellowing (50%) – Yellowing can be as simple as neutralizing the spot or area by spraying a solution on it, or it can be impossible to remove.  There are many unknown causes for yellowing.  It is so common that we have 5 different products on our truck just for yellowing.

Filtration Soiling-(black lines around baseboard) (25%) – We can usually get some of the filtration soiling out, but it rarely comes out completely.  Filtration soiling is when carpet “filters” soil going through cracks and crevices.  The particles are so fine, and it goes all the way down the sides of the yarn and through the backing which makes it almost impossible to remove.

Blood (75%) – If blood has not been cleaned, if hot water or alkaline cleaning products have not been used, chances are good, but no guarantee.

Rust (85%) – Chances for rust removal are excellent, but no guarantee.

Furniture stain (10%) – Almost impossible.

Coke (95%) – Usually not a problem

Tea (70%) –Tea spots can sometimes cause a permanent stain, but we usually have a fair amount of success.

Coffee (70%) – We usually have a fair amount of success although coffee, many times, is spilled when it’s very hot which can make it more difficult.

Ketchup (50%) – Ketchup can go either way.  Sometimes it comes out easily and other times it enters into the red-dye category.

Mustard (15%) – Can be very difficult at times.  Not always impossible, but many times it is.

Paint (enamel) (20%) – Enamel paint can be tough.  Case by case basis, no guarantee.

Paint (latex) (75%) – Usually good results. Colored latex can permanently stain the carpet. Hardened latex can be impossible.

Crayon (50%) – We carry some excellent solvents, but it can go either way.

Water rings (70%) – We carry special products for water rings and have good success overall, but sometimes it still doesn’t come out.

What about reoccurring spots?
If the spot returned within a day or so after the cleaning, then it was either not removed and wicked back, or it was not removed but appeared that it was removed.  If the spot returned after a week, two weeks, a month or so, it probably either has some residue from cleaning agents left behind, or the spot was oily or sticky and was not totally removed, therefore it is just collecting soil in the same area again.